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This works super fast. With in half a hour i was pain free and cankersores were gone next day!! Take a swig of pickle juice. Swish it around in your mouth. Then I took a slice of dill pickle and put it between my lip and gum right on the cankersores i had in my mouth and instant relief. No more pain. Don't waste your time with pain full salt in the wounds or expensive overthecounter stuff that doesn't work.

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Well its been a week that I have had a real big sore on front side of my lip and it was getting worse day by day started off a couple mm big and I was putting over the counter pain relief gel and the next day it got bigger and bigger then I came across this post and by then I have already tried the saltwater and other shitty remidies but nothing I mean nothing comes close to pickles and pickle juice Im guessing its the vinegar and garlic that kills bacteria but I was using juice to swirl in the affected area and keeping a pickle on the area for a couple minutes and today I was doing the daily routine and realized it is almost fully gone and I used no medicine SO THANK YOU SO MUCH WHOEVER POSTED THIS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT SAVED ME MONEY AND TIME AND IF ANYONE NEEDS HELP WITH THESE SORES JUST KEEP PICKLES IN YOUR DIET THAT MAYBE HELP PREVENT THEM! THANKS AGAIN I LOVE THIS SITE!


Amazing! Thank you so much, worked like a charm!

jim f

Just did it and it WORKS. Unbelievable I can eat again thanks for the comments.


I must admit, pickle juice totally works for relief. I rinsed with it on the area of the canker sore, then put a bit on a Q tip and lightly rubbed the sore with it, and I was able to get enough relief to eat my meal.




Date: 10/9/2013
Have tried a lot of these so called remedies and always wondered about these posts if it's the person that started it just replying or not. So here I go again, gonna try this one. BRB. ok I know it don't seem like it but its been about 30 min. I have had this canker sore for 3 days right between my bottom gum and lip and it Hurts. Hard to eat or talk. I tried this and as for it being instant relief. Well here is the Truth!!!!! There is no other way to say it but. OMG UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!!!!! The pain is not completely gone but nothing like it was it is tolerable. And guess what its don't taste bad ether cause I like Dill Pickles. Gonna try it again tonight and see if it is gone tomorrow like it clams. So I will let you know if that part is true or not. Check back tomorrow for further info.


I had one on the inside of my lip I put a little in my mouth (it was really gross) and it stung so bad at first but swished it around and spit it out and I instantly started feeling relief, it worked I drank a pepsi right after and it didn't hurt much at all I will do this however many times I gotta til this is gone lol thank you so much!!!


im about to go try this BRB..
so far its working thanks:)


the ingredient Alum is what's giving you relief. It's used as a firming agent in pickle juice. You can buy the Alum in your grocery store in the spice section.


4 years my life has been hell. I'm going to go and try this TODAY. I will come back and let yall know. I get MAJOR ones.. multiple if I'm stressed and on my period and they NEVER go away unless i take steroids which rip my bones up. I'm going this morning. WILL LET YALL KNOW.

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