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This works super fast. With in half a hour i was pain free and cankersores were gone next day!! Take a swig of pickle juice. Swish it around in your mouth. Then I took a slice of dill pickle and put it between my lip and gum right on the cankersores i had in my mouth and instant relief. No more pain. Don't waste your time with pain full salt in the wounds or expensive overthecounter stuff that doesn't work.

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Just tried this and it totally worked!!Thanks!!!


what type of pickle juice do you mean


Works great!!! I can finally eat again without pain. Now I believe I will try some zinc to keep them away. Thanks so much.
PS: Pickle juice is good for sore throats. Freeze it in ice cube trays with a toothpick in it and suck on the pickle pop for sore throats.


It sounded crazy, but I just tried this and it totally worked!! Thank you!!!


I am amazed that this works. I had one on the tip of my tongue that was really painful every time I spoke or ate and after about 5 minutes it's virtually pain free now!


Works immediately! Thank you!


I just tried it! My little sister was in so my pain and was getting so frustrated because she couldn't eat! I read this comment, tried it & it works amazing! Thank you so much!


Hmm, just tried it and it seems to work. I'm just wondering how many times you have to repeat it before its gone?


Just tried it and instantly feel better!!! Incredible!!


I have a huge one that's been getting worse everyday then now I tried this it seems to bring relief I just hope it heals quick but with all the other comments im optimistic about it!

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