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Colloidal sliver is the cure. Get a dropper bottle, soak some cotton balls and apply. It is the only thing on earth to kill a virus.

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what is colloidl silver? and what does it do?


I have heard that Colloidal Silver and DMSO liquid kills the virus. DMSO & Silver you can get at the health store or vitamin shoppe. There was a site that I purchased my silver from that also sold the DMSO and I wish I bought both. I didnt know much about DMSO at the time. I just found out I have type 2 about 3 weeks ago. It went away for a few days but then returned and still hanging out. I have been getting cramping/pains in my right side so I stopped taking the anti-virals for now.

You apply/spray Colloidal Silver on the affected area and the base of your spine (make sure all areas are clean, no soap, perfumes, ect) and let dry. Then you apply the DMSO. After about 20 min or so you can wipe it off. You do this once a month. The DMSO will carry the silver through your system. I also suggest getting Oxy powder or Mag07 and do a cleanse. Keep on a good probiotic and this should keep the virus at bay. This is what I am going to be doing, hoping this also clears up my yeast infection that has been lingering for months. Personally, Im second guessing this virus be sexually transmitted the more I look into it, but it could be Im in denial. I was around mold prior to my outbreak. Many ppl have said mold has brought on their outbreak as well. Things that make you go hmmmmmm...
I may also take mediterranian oil of oregano with the silver/dmso application. Ive come to terms with what I have and dont blame anyone but myself. I have told absolutely NO ONE about what I am going through and if anyone asks, 'Im having a bad yeast infection' I cant even think about sex anymore. I have no idea how to tell the guy I just started seeing and afraid of being rejected. I have been single for many years before this virus, i finally find someone and this happens. Frustration, anger, sad all at once. I guess Im just meant to be alone the rest of my life. :(


I believe sovereign silver is the cure I had herpes symptoms such as blisters on my thighs then went to the dr and they test me she told me I had herpes and that my count was 0.5 not too high.i went to the vitamin shoppe and brought sovereign silver and neem which is know to stop the virus from replicating as well as grapfruit seed extract and my outbreaks stop completely upon that I detoxed as well and only drink liquids. Upon catching herpes I qas outbreak free after 6 months until now which is 3yrs later I haven't tested yet but I will soon.

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