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Hello ladies! After dating an uncircumsized man I started having BV issues after sex and during my period. itching and a horrible fish smell. I went to the doctor and she said i did not have a BV and to take Pro-biotics made for women that my flora was getting knocked out of balance by sex and my period but i did not have clinical BV. She would not give me a RX. I went online and saw everyone elses struggles and I felt so much better like Im not the only one struggling. I used a 70% water and 30% hydrogen peroxide douche for three days and also starting taking Pro-B probiotics especially for women vaginal health. I am VERY happy to report aftet 3days days the smell was gone and now after a 7 days I smell like my old self-YES! and less discharge and less itching. I will post back after my period if I have any issues I plan on using the hydrogen peroxide douche again. I am not sexually active hopefully I can stay on top of things if i do get a bf again-hoping :-)

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Still good just using pro-biotics....


Another thing I actually just tried about a week ago is mixing 8 oz of water with half a teaspoon of baking soda. I did this for a week and the smell is gone. I don't even discharge anymore. I haven't drank it this week and the smell is still gone. I think this the best and cheapest solution to bv. Try this and you won't regret it, I promise.


Do you drink the diluted baking soda or douche it as well? I've been getting a greenish discharge with no smell after I have intercourse with my bf. It's verrrrryyyy frustrating. I'm running out of solutions. I've even tried oral probiotics the rephresh pro b brand with folic acid and nothing '(


person above, if your discharge is green, it's time to see a doc. Don't be embarrassed, they've seen it all. Your gynecologist can prescribe you some antibiotics that'll clear it up


Question: I have read a lot if not all these posts discussing their acquiring of BV by having sex with a man. I am completely different as I am a lesbian - the type that doesn't get dildos, fingers or anything in there. Basically I am not touched at all down there not even for the obvious stuff lesbians would do. I also do not use tampons or douches. I shower twice a day, shave and my GYN said I do not have BV. But I don't have a fishy smell, it's more of a chlorine, bleach ammonia smell. I have bought new underwear, wash my clothes with different soaps. I don't know what else to do and why this keeps happening to me. ny input?


I too found a great sucess with peroxide in.bath water, vinager in bath water, and a probotic, Acidophilus. I have not been treated professional since I discovered using these products REALLY workS.


Love your posting.... Thank you ....But how long do you take the probiotics???

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