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Johnny Castle

Hello friends
I've been suffering from herpes type 2 since 2011 and is constantly having bouts of outbreaks that not only attacked the genital area but it the virus travelled down my left leg causing pain in the heel and nerve aches at the back of my left thigh. However, after taking bee propolis triple the dosage stated on the bottle, the outbreaks stopped but not the painful heel. A friend of mine suggested Apple Cider Vinegar in tablets by GNC that has CAYENNE in it. Surprisingly, after taking the ACV tablets for 3 days the pain in the heel is gone! I found out that it's not the ACV that stopped the heel pain but the cayenne which in my case acts as a pain reliever for my leg condition called POST HERPETIC NEURALGIA which is normally associated with shingles but herpes simplex Type 2 has also been identified as the culprit.

So those are my remedies that worked...and yeah I noticed the results for bee propolis after 8 weeks of consumption


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Hi, i also was diagnosed in 2011. I personally in my experience have had less outbreaks over time. I found that 1 acoslovir Daily multi vitamin and 1000mg of vitamin c has helped a great deal whb I do have an OB I double the dosage and tea fees oil twice a day hope that helps

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