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I went back to 86 years of the old wives tale. 50% hydrogen peroxide 50% water. It is an antibiotic. Use as a douche or soak a tampon and insert for 20 minutes. Has worked better than anything a doctor perscribed and lasts. Very happy I don't have to keep going to the doctor.

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How do you soak a tampon then insert?!

Doesn't make any sense.


you soak it while its still in the plastic containter


How long do you soak the tampon for?


i only had paper applicator tampons, and of course the applicator became flimsy and unusable before the tampon was fully soaked. i just removed the applicator and dipped the tampon in fully, squeezed away a bit of excess liquid so it wasn't dripping everywhere, inserted it with my fingers (pushing in such a way that it didn't double over on itself inside of me), and removed after 20 minutes. i did this 3 days ago after reading this post. not only did it work immediately, but the smell has been gone ever since. i just wish i'd heard about this remedy six months ago. i'd just gotten used to the smell and thought, 'oh, i guess my body is changing.' now i understand why my boyfriend avoided giving me oral for the past six months. he never said anything, but i knew i smelled fishy. now i'm excited to share my healthy lady bits!

thank you for such a simple solution!


I just soaked my tampon and dipped it in the solution. I hope this works. It's been twenty minutes and I think the difference in smell has went away. I was so uncomfortable and I didn't want to go though the whole doctor process


I just tried it..I hope this works for me...hate's killing my vibe with the hubby. Thanks for the tip.


Does this also work if you have a little discharge as well??

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