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I had plantar warts for quite a few years and the number kept adding up. My final straw was when I counted over 115 warts in the ball of my foot. Disgusting, I know. I used the Compound W gel wart remover and slathered it over the entire ball of my foot and wrapped it with duct tape. I even cut the duct tape into tiny strips to go between my toes to make sure that none of them got missed. I would do this after soaking it at night. Then after a while I started doing it in the morning.

It was excruciatingly painful (and not just because of the amount I had to put on). I could barely put any pressure on that foot. Sometimes when I removed the duct tape it would take chunks of skin and wart with it because the gel was too attached to the skin and the tape. Otherwise I would use Cuticle Scissors and cut out all of the dead skin I could. I am happy to say that my entire foot is clear of warts now.

I do have another one on my other foot that I tried to treat in the same way, but it was too painful, so now I am trying a a series of applications consisting of of bleach, apple cider vinegar (DO NOT MIX BLEACH AND APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, IT CREATES CHLORINE GAS!), icy hot, acne ointment, and krazy clue. NO PAIN! We'll see how it goes.

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This may seem weird/nasty, but pee on it!! Works like magic.


I also had a ton of them on my feet and i used crazy glue for a month straight and they ALL went away, you suffercate the virus, if i ever get them back again i will do that, they stressed me RIGHT out.


My son had a plantars wart on the ball of his foot for about a year we thought it was a blister or callous at first. We decided to try bragga unfiltered raw organic apple cider vinegar. You can get it at the grocery store. I saw where people had taped a cotton ball of vinegar to there foot at night but it caused pain and soreness and he plays year around sports so we couldn't do it that way. I had him take a bath to soften up the skin then he would soak the foot for 20 or 30 min each night in the undiluted ACV. He also had one small one about an inch away from the large one which was about the size of a dime. In about a week the vinegar had attacked the warts. There were 3more we didn't see until treatment. They were just starting. The soak did not burn his foot at all no pain only attacking the warts. The warts got pinholes in them with black surfacing. We did not pick touch or scrape. He never had any pain. On week three all the black had disappeared and the warts were gone. I coukd not believe it. We r going to treat 2 more weeks for assurance. I have pictures if anyone wants to see. astec5@ frontier dot com.


I had about 15 plantar warts clustered under the ball of my right foot and tried everything I could read on the Internet . My podiatrist referred me to a dermatologist who did 2 treatments. Though painful they worked and the process took 6-8 weeks.. The chemical he used was squaric acid which induces an allergic reaction which leads to the loss of layers of skin over time. I have the feet of a baby today but trust me I tried EVERYTHING up to the point of seeing a professional good luck!

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