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I would take the cotton from one end of a Q-tip and soak it in unfiltered/raw ACV. Then I would bandage it overnight. After a week and a half it was black and was ready to fall off. I had a huge one one my pinky and doing this daily for a week and a half made it shrink and after a week and a half I peeled it off (gross but it was ready, and I was tired of looking at the black crap). This really works!!!

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What is unfiltered acv?


Unfiltered ACV is apple cider vinegar. Be sure to buy a name brand like Braggs and that it says it has ' the mother'. It is sold @ Whole Foods & they offer the best price. Do not buy online. even Amazon is way overpriced.


Can You Buy A. C. V. At A Drug Store Like Wal Greens Or C.V. S. ? I Have A Big Ugly Skin Tag On My Leg. Thanks.


Did it hurt when ready to fall off?

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