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Hi too suffer from rls n dr. Didn't do anything abt my I've used ben gay n that's what's been helpg me get sleep n rls comes and goes n trying keep up a journel of flareups.
I'm alkergic to most or all pain meds. even benydeyl.but thank God that the ben gay really hrlp,only bad side effect is the I'm loiking for a simulair cream that's s.e.:)

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You mentioned that you can not take Benedryl. Well in the case of RLS, that is probably good. Benedryl contains diphenhydramine, which many posts on this site, a lot of the info about RLS, and my personal experience says is a BIG NO NO if you have RLS. Dipenhydramine is not only the active ingredient in Benedryl, it is also the ingredient in over the counter sleep aids like Tylenol PM. So if you have RLS and want to stay up ALL NIGHT take Tylenol PM, or the generic or Benedryl.


Try BioFlex instead of Ben Gay. The smell goes away and the cool pain relief stays. Most health food stores, Amazon, Chiropractors and physi al therapy places sell it. It's expensive but you just need a little.


How can being gay make your symptopms go away?


Benadryl is an antihistamine, not a pain killer so it would only make you drowsy.


I take 1mg of Xanax (Alpralozam)....... Fixes it every time!

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