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I do suggest checking two possibilities that might be causing the anxiety pain or adding to it:
1) Have your doctor do a FULL thyroid check. A FULL PANEL. If there is an anomaly, it can cause panic attack -like symptoms. The medication for it is extremely cheap.
2) If you have bipolar disorder to accompany your anxiety, check with your doctor to see if your manic upswing isn't manifesting internally rather than expressing outwardly. It can have the feeling of an extreme, prolonged anxiety attack and might not be totally fixed with medication, changing your medication can diminish the effect.

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Meds are good if they work, GUESS THEY'RE NOT. One on ones with a great therapist who takes the time to find out who your byriofend along with his past, is great. REGRESSIVE THERAPY. I only had one counselor at a VA hospital help me like that. He was really into ((Terry Kellogg)) And got deep inside my problems, changed my life, changed me. But as a SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE way to bring his anxiety and depression under control. I recommend he get involved with some ANXIETY and or especially DEPRESSION groups. There is nothing more medicinal than his sharing and receiving of like individuals experience strength and hope. He will see that he is not alone, hopeless, and a lost cause.That's what i do now, and medication may still help augment his health. But i just do groups. Was this answer helpful?

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