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I swear by three things. I learned the depending onpain killers can lead to b ody tolerance and even a chance of a rebound headache. This is what I advise friends even with prolonged migraines (best to start at first signs of a migraine, though): 1) Cold packs to the area with the pain. It will soothe and help the blood flow issues. It may take several packs to accomplish the job but it does gradually work. 2) Pear nectar. Apple juice will work in a pinch but it isn't as effective. The Pectin helps soothe the headache. Sip it gradually and alternate with water or gatorade if needed. 3) Flushfree niacin (must be flushfree and not regular). Two capsules every four hours until it subsides, then taper off. Don't just stop the dosage. Taper. If all are used together, it will conquer even a prolonged migraine and without a rebound headache.

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