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Here it is, easy and inexpensive!

Tried a lot of OTC products and home remedies and here is what worked best (by far!) for me. Happily it was both simple and probably the least costly.

I won't mention product names -- and some were quite expensive -- but I tried five before settling on what worked for me.

Yes, soaks are messy and inefficient, but they work. As I am not the soaking type here's what I did:

A simple 50-50 solution -- I merely eye-balled the proportions -- of vinegar (I had apple cider vinegar in my cupboard so used it) and Listerine (the original mediciny-tasting one) applied throughout the day when convenient using a MEDICINE DROPPER. Simple!

I have the added advantage of working at home so I could walk around barefoot and apply the drops directly to the toenails whenever I thought to do so. (Even have a dedicated towel to keep underfoot during the dropping process.)

If you are limited to doing it before and after time in the workplace, it will still work just as well.

Fungus cannot survive in an acidic environment so the application of the solution is VERY effective.

To accelerate the process I would use the Vick's Vap-O-Rub trick whenever I had occasion to put on socks to go out. This bang-bang method was by far the most effective one (especially the 50-50 solution as my earlier Vick's efforts alone seemed to yield negligible results).

I'm telling you, I SWEAR by the 50-50 solution, and the simplicity of the eyedropper method vs. the impracticality of footsoaks is a no-brainer, especially since you will likely do it a number of times a day instead of just once, if that. And it's by far the CHEAPEST!

Try it. I promise you'll get very favorable results.

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Thank you.
I will give it a try.
I also tried the Vicks and it seemed to help for the first 6 months or so but then it slowed down and could not make it go away completely.


I must say I tried this and it really works, I just used cheap antiseptic but it did the job, now that I know that it works I have told family about it. I love learning home remedies for all sorts of things, Thank you


I am definitely going to try it! Thanks so much.


This worked for me very well and only took a couple of months. I used a small spray bottle (glasses cleaner bottle) to spray the infected nails twice a day and any other time I happened to think of it. I just used a cheap generic mouth wash and white vinegar, just what I had available. I've noticed that it might be reappearing (12 months later) due to keeping my feet in warm slippers all the time over the cold winter weather so I'll start the 50/50 treatment again before it gets any further (if it is coming back), I'll also apply the Vicks when going out.


I have tried everything! I hope this works just sprayed my feet! How long does it take to see a change?


Dr Paul's Piggy Paste has acetic acid(vinegar) and Thymol (active in listerine) in the best hospice penetrating gel used by compounder pharmacists. Now the regimens discussed have the right ingredients but are not convenient- medicine dropper-multiple daily applications. Check out the 22000 drug stores that carry Piggy will not be dissapointed....Dr Paul


Well here goes nothing I am 53 years old and I've had nail fungus for this for as long as I can remember. I just applied my first application I really hope this works.


how long will it be before I start seeing some results 50/50 remedy and the vicks vapor rub


I've done the 50/50 method for the first time today and began seeing results immediatelty. I have used so many other products previously only to see my fungus get worse. I will monitor over the next few days to see if there is continuous improvement.


Thank you I have had fungal nails for years and years and have not been able to wear flip flops in public since I don't know when. I have tried everything including lamisil which worked but as soon as I was done with the treatments it comes back. I am able to cut my toenails right now to nothing they are so bad. Going to try this and see if it works!!!! Very excited to see results.

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