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Heres the deal or yeast means you have a over growth of 'the bad stuff' one way or another.Stop the medications.women have been dealing with this since the beging of time.natural cures will alow you to have a healthy vagina.I suffered for so long untill I realized this.

First you have to kill the over growth that swhere the peroxcide or applecider vin or tee tree comes in.choose one and douche with it mixed with water
Next you need to replace the healthy growth by either live culture plain(no flavor no sugar)yogurt or pure acidophilus.I have found that opening capsule and mixing with a shotglasss of water and inserting into vagina with a medication needless syringeworks best.

Last...treat it from inside out by drinking half your body weight in ounces of water.Taking acidophilis pill orally everyday or eating yogurt every day.Also take good multi vit everyday and cut back on sugars : )

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Just wanted to thank you for your suggestions it has worked for me... I thought something was seriously wrong with me but with your help ive been able to get rid of a problem ive been embarrassed about for months...thanks to your remedies I feel like a women again...Hopefully pregnancy will come next for me!!!

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