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If your house is infested with fleas try this simple method you need a lamp with which bends take the light shade off it make sure the globe is pointing downwards place on floor and put bowl of water with dish washing liquid under it and leave the light going all night the fleas are attracted to the light fall off the light into the water and drown the beauty of this method is it works and once you have the light you can do it as often as you need to

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That makes sense. Recently had a flea infestation and I notice the water bowl contained as much as 8 or 10 fleas. Add the light and the soap, and you certainly could have an effective flea trap.


Don't even think about it. It's acid and will burn your skin, then you're going to regret it. A lot of makuep brands, especially high end ones like Chanel make special lotion, tonics and face washes that even out skin tone. Go to your local department store and invest in some good product. As for knees and elbows, find a good scrub and use it every other day on those spots and don't forget to moisturize.


I have tried this method with dish soap and night light!!!!!!!! It Works


This one Works 100\\% i have put a low sided bowl,(tupperwear lid works) with dawn dishsoap water in it...placed small lamp (6in tall baby dresser lamp)on floor next to it...always have from 1-9 fleas floating ;) Bathe dog in dawn BUT 17yr old cat would kill me if i even tried .

Buying some boric acid 2day for yard ugh...sprayed it w vinegar n dawn few wks ago but obviously need more ????

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