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I cannot go to a dentist - no insurance and don't make enough to afford one - ever. I've got several teeth broken off to the gum line and, 4 more right now that are cracked or, have one side broken off.

I know sounds crazy, but it works like a charm - all you need is 1 cup of warm (around 100 degrees US) water, 3 TBS Epsom salts dissolved in that water and, some flavoring extract or LIQUID Anbesol.

First put a cople of tablespoons of the Epsom salt water in your mouth then create suction on the offending tooth. It will hurt worse for a few seconds when you get it right, hold the suction as long as you can then stop and spit the epsom salt water out. Repeat 3-4 times until you get a good bit of dark blood to come out - you've gotten the infection to drain.

Now rinse with what's left of the epsom salt water and spit it out. DO NOT SWALLOW this stuff (unless you really need a laxative)

Now dip a cotton swab in the extract or Anbesol and press it around and into the broken ot lost filling tooth for 30 seconds.

Get some sleep - the toothache is over, at lease for 2-4 days, then if it festers again , you might have to repeat it one or two more times.

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