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My 6 year old son had about 18-20 plantar warts on his toes. Three were very large and there were clusters of small warts. They were spreading rapidly. We tried the potato treatment with no luck. I love essential oils and had recently used Thyme oil to cure a very stubborn toe fungus that I had struggled with for years. Using Thyme oil cured the entire nail within 2 weeks. Since it worked for me and I still had the oil, I decided to try it on my son. I was worried about any treatments that might cause pain because my son has a very low pain tolerance. The first night he washed his feet and we applied the oil neat (undiluted) and covered with a sock. No pain, no tears. We repeated each night and noticed new skin growing under the warts and the warts being pushed up. By day 7, we were able to pull dead skin with 12 warts! Within 12 days of applying Thyme oil each night, all warts are gone! No pain at all! I used Young Living brand oil, not sure if that matters. I hope this helps.

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I very much appreciate this information and I will purchase Thyme Oil this evening and give it a try. I have done 3 Home freezing treatments and it is not working and of course, it hurts (in store kits). My 11 year old son has 9 warts and one large one his toe so hopefully we will see results....


Michelle, did it work?My son has had 1 big one for around a month. We tried freezing it, he didn't complain about pain, but it didn't go away. Now doing nail polish w/duct tape & started complaining about pain... not sure if this sign sign its healing? Thinking of doing the oregano oil


Do you dilute the Thyme Oil with another oil or use it directly?


I believe I read she used it undiluted..

I am going to give this a try on my 7 year old..


Was this red thyme oil or white thyme oil?


I am so thankful to have read this post! I had the same experience - a cluster of warts that I'd developed over a year and tried all traditional methods to get rid of were gone in 5 days. I used red thyme oil I bought at Whole Foods, applied it once or twice daily (no bandages, duct tape, or anything else) and after 5 days the top layer of skin peeled off and healthy skin was underneath. I am in shock that this is not a more well known remedy. Inexpensive, painless and EFFECTIVE!


We too used the at home freeze off wart removal system twice and it didn't help. We are now on day four of red thyme oil on our 11 year old and so far it seems to be working!!

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