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I wear two in-canal hearing aids, so wax buildup is a genuine concern and issue for me. I tried every remedy listed on this site to no avail. I finally went to my doctor and his nurse came in with a squirt bottle ('The Elephant Ear Washer') that was filled with a pink colored liquid, which she squirted into each of my ears.

The wax plugs that were flushed from my ears were almost frightening to see, because they were as large as a couple of cigarette filters. Even more amazing was the fact that the liquid she used worked almost immediately.

When I asked her what it was she chuckled and told me it was a laxative: diluted Colace! I haven't been able to find a liquid version online, so I continue to go to my doctor's nurse, because it's the only thing that has ever worked and worked quickly.

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i am actually doing that same thing as you are reading this, the pharmacist came over and ask me if i knew what this was and was i SURE the doctor hadn't sent over the wrong prescription?? I told her thats what the doctor ordered and he assured me it worked! We will see soon i hope, have a stubborn amount that has hardened in my sons canal.The other side was flushed well with warm water but this side needed more. Will let you know the results.!


This irritated the inside of my daughters ear really bad just after one day of us.


I always have to go to the doctor's to have the wax removed, i try everything nothing works.


Thanks for sharing Mike.

Did a web search on liquid Colace. And others also claim it works. One warned against using a 'baby syrup formula' with the same name.

Some say it can be ordered at local drug store...some say drug stores do not carry...appears to be available at amazon.

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