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Tanya Grant

Believe it or not I use raw, organic unfiltered honey for burns! It works fast. You completly cover the burn and change 2 or 3 times a day also take 4 tbs of it a day until it goes away. Honey is like peroxide it keeps It takes the pain away as soon as you put it on and it starts to heal. Every one gets mad at me when I tell then that I did NOT take my child to the ER Dr. as soon as it happened but I didn't and there has NOT BEEN ANY INFECTIONS OR ANY THING. My daughter is the whole world to me. If and when you can self help instead of rushing to the Dr. who will give you chemicals to treat every thing you can think of and it has more side affects then whats its worth then SELF TREAT. It has been 3 or 4 days since her skin MELTED off of her leg a silver dollar size and the blister has come and gone and it is still not hurting. My thing is when you listen to God and trust in him he will help you and YES he has. As long as you use the right kind of honey, science does back up its use for wound treatment, which is especially relevant today as antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections are on the rise.

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I just tried it on my burned finger and it worked, it's not as painful anymore. Thank you for suggesting this.


I'm proud of the way you gave credit to God for giving you this knowledge. I believe this too, that we should trust God to take care of all our needs. My mother and I Co-Found a business (lulu & max skincare) based on this beliefs. God provides us with so many amazing natural remedies. I think it's just great that you were able to treat you daughter's wound with honey and that you believed & acted upon what you heard from God.


I put on my burn from the oven and left it for 5 and I am in no pain at all. Thank you so much


It's nothing to do with god.


GOD has EVERYTHING to do with us ALL and GOD is in EVERYTHING we do, its up to us to listen to his guidance !!!!! Thank you for this wonderful remedy. I just burned my hand really badly and put a glove on with honey in it and it immediately took the pain away!! Thank you, Thank GOD and bless you!!!

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