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Don't want to say.

At the risk of sounding gross, this works wonders. Go to the bathroom! With no more than the fan and maybe a nightlight, sit on the toilet and zone out. Press on one of the pressure points described before, or toy around with a magazine or a mind-numbing game (nothing stressful) and relax. DO NOT FORCE OR PUSH. That will make your headache worse and may cause other issues... Try this while waiting for your coffee or tea to cool. Good Luck!

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I always do this, except I sit on the floor. But since I moved, everywhere in the house is to bright so I sit in my mom's closet cause it has two doors, so easily relaxed and dark. Alot of time I just fall asleep because I wont feel any pain if I dont move...Drink hot black coffee, most times itll help. I know alot of stuff. Ive been dealing with Chronic Migraines for 6 years now. Genetics from my mom's side.

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