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Hey guys. I too am an RLS suffer. I thought for ages I just had 'dodgy' legs until I saw something on tv about it. I have only recently been diagnosed, so have had no formal treatment from my GP yet, so I am all about the home remedies. I have found that since I reduced my caffeine and alcohol intake and started taking magnesium tablets, my symptoms have improved greatly. Magnesium oil is amazing! I just rub it into my calf muscles for instant relief. I have also found that using relaxation tapes (there are so many free phone apps out there which I use) distracts me so I can relax and drift off. I hope this helps someone.

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I agree with Bob on this one. Living in Lebanon for 50 plus years doesn't mean a person is qfieiuald to run this town. Too many people have the attitude if it ain't broke, no need to fix it . It IS broke, people! Taxes being wasted, backdoor deals, rampant nepostism. Why should the voice of a town newbie (like myself) be any less than the oldtimers'? We pay the same taxes, so why should we not have a say in what it takes to run this town ? It's our tax money being squandered too!! We need a newbie in office-one that doesn't offer a useless and unnecessary job to every one of their family members, one who doesn't do backdoor favors, and one that is looking out for the needs of the town as a whole, not just their select inner circle.


I think you have some of your facts wrong when we had Patch Randall and Zinck in office the town had a supulrs fund which lowered taxes 3yrs in a row when the next change of selectman came to be [2] of them things when down hill town hall lot not going to meetings for the abatments hearings and so on As far as the house that you spoke of that wasan open bid I know is as I know 2 other people that bid on it. What we should look into is thr school budget I think that we could save a lot of money. Asto the transportaion 956,000 in saleries for drivers has anyone looked into contracted service. Just one other question how do you stand on the sherrif coverage?


Dear Souha anf Owais: You came to the right site. I will gladly run for mayor of your town on the Restless Legs ticket. My campaign slogan will be, 'My legs jump so YOU don't have to!' I will stay up all night taking care of your town. It is good that you did not go to the Cardiac site (they probably won't live through their term), or the Chronic Fatigue site (not enough energy), or the STD site (full of professional politicians already). Perhaps you could have found a good mayor in the cleptomania site though. I am eagerly waiting for your call.

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