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Hi Ladies,

I think I cured my BV. I have been BV free for about three months now. I read a lot of remedies on this forum and I wanted to tell everyone about my experience as a 'thank-you'. I started having recurring BV and yeast infection since I met my ex-boyfriend last October. We broke up in December and I started abstinence. Even though I was prescribed antibiotics, BV still came back after menstruation every month. This March, I took a full round of Metronidazole (twice a day for seven days). In the meantime, in order to prevent yeast to come back, I took Diflucan two times (once every three days). Right after I finished Metronidazole (on the eighth day), I started using suppository that contains only lactobacillus every night for two weeks.At the same time, I also started taking probiotics and drinking one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar once a day. The probiotics brand I took is Jarrow's formula.At the same time, I took multi-vitamin supplement every day. Apple cider vinegar, multi-vitamin, and oral probiotics lasted for about two months. Then I stopped everything. I have been abstinence the whole time. I have been to my gyn to get tested on BV and yeast twice after I started my home remedy, and I have been negative on everything. Now I am not using anything and everything seems fine. I just went to get tested this morning and still BV free! Yay, ladies.

I feel like that antibiotics (metronidazole)are necessary as the first treatment of BV since they kill almost all of the bacteria. But we also need to supplement the good bacteria in our system as reinforcement after the first treatment, which would be the suppository and probiotics. Please note that the suppository I used contains only live culture of lactobacillus. It does not contain anything else.

So here is a summary of my remedy. The full remedy include both antibiotics and probiotics.

First week : metronidazole only (twice a day for 7 days. this is what your gyn will prescribe. Also take diflucan if you also have yeast)

Second week: lacto suppository(once a day for two weeks),probiotics taken orally once a day for two months, drink one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in cold water once a day for at least one month, multi-vitamin supplement once a day for two months.

I never douche. Besides the lacto suppository, I never put anything else in my vagina. I only wash the outer area with warm water once a day. Please try not to douche, which will upset the ph balance. Help your body to build up a healthy balance itself.

Now I have been off the remedy for a month and I am still BV and yeast free. It's a long battle, but not so long since it lasted only about three months.The probiotics and the suppository were a little expensive, but thinking that it stopped BV from coming back even after I stopped the remeday, it's totally worth it. I am so so happy and relieved. I hope this helps ladies. Let me know if you have questions.

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When you say lacto suppository is that the same as a lactobacillus pill? I have had BV for 11/2 years, tried everything under the sun. 6 different antibiotics, some made me sick so I stopped. Once again Dr. wants to do another treatment 10 days 1 a day metronidazole then right into 4 tablets 1x week for 4 weeks tinidazole! I'd like to try what you did because I haven't tried the ACV. How much water did you use, 1 cup?
Thanks for posting your remedy


Hi Amy, What brand of lacto suppositories did you use? I am just finishing up 7 days of Flagyl (and taking Diflucan twice during this time) and would like to start the suppositories to try to combat getting BV again.


where do i buy the suppository from

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