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I have an IUD so I get infections very easily. Most commonly is BV which I had a reoccuring prescription for at one point, anyhow off and on for years I go back and forth to the doctor but this time I had no $. I realized if your partner is having sex with someone else and their PH differs from yours you get BV. If their PH differs from yours period you pretty much can get it. If they aren't clean you can get it. If you having sex with multiple partners its more likely too. I've encountered all above situations.

I researched coconut oil. Dipped a tampon in it sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, left it in my vag for a few hrs for about 2 weeks straight and its been days with no discharge or odor since ive stopped. While doing it i sometimes felt like it may be getting worse but ive been proved wrong. It takes 3 days tops to show itself with me so I'm now convinced it is gone, its almost been a week. I'm shocked honestly, I even had sex 2x with no protection in between inserts. I'm going to start using coconut oil for many more things now.

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Ive been researching coconut oil but wonder which type to use: raw, extra virgin, organic ???


BV is not an STD. You may get something else if your partner is sleeping with a different person, but that is not what causes BV. BV is from pH imbalance which allows an overgrowth of bad bacteria. Semen has a pH that is above 7-much higher than vaginal pH (below 4.5 when healthy). That, along with imparied immunity, excessive sugar intake, or who knows what, can play a part in triggering BV.

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