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I burnt the tip of my right index finger with molten lava glue from an angry hot glue gun with a vengence! ;) The tip of my finger bubbled up with a nice white blister & stung with a burning sensation unles in a cup of ice water. I couldn't stand to have it out for even a full 10 seconds because the burning sensation came right back as soon as I removed it from the ice water -which did help & felt pretty good- except I'm a parent of 4 children & have a thousand things to do! Needless to say, I can't stay like this forever, so after an hour and a half of this, I started looking things up & came to this website. I read a number of ideas, and combined with my own knowledge, I created this remedy which has actually worked! I got everything ready in advance before removing it from the ice. Once I did, the first thing I did was pour sea salt on it while still wet. I then applied a bit of my concoction of flour, honey and lavender essential oil. The mixture is thick in consistency. I then place a small thin circular piece of onion on top of that and wrapped it in saran wrap. For the lack of anything better to use, I then duct taped it as tight as I could. To make it a little tighter, I then put on a rubber glove on my whole hand. It stung still for the first few minutes but not as much. I kept squeezing my finger and xhanging elevation levels. After about 10-15 minutes it was significantly better. Its now been over a half an hour & it actually feels good. I'm a believer of natural remedies anyway, but this one really surprised me! Odd concoction but it worked!!

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