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Dissolve 12 or so generic aspirin in a small clean cup (I use two disposable Dixie cups) in a bit of astringent toner and stir until relatively dissolved with a wooden stick. Smooth over skin and scrub just a bit, it should be thick and grainy. Leave it on until it either begins to itch or once it becomes a little uncomfortable. Rinse with cool water. It is a great exfoliator, mild pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory all in one. (Oh, the downside is you will have a little sneezing fit afterward)

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I read that Aspirin has the same properties as Salysilic Acid so if Salysilic Acid hasn't worked in the past then the aspirin may not work either.


uhm.... WHAT??!!!

just give me a simple treatment!!!


last night my cousin told me about that.
i havent tried it, but it sounds like it would work ok. but it wont make it dissappear or anything.


i've tried this in the past and it actually made me break out. but that might just be my skin type which is combination


Salicylic Acid is actually what makes up aspirin. This explains their common characteristics in the mask

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