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well, i had this mid uti two days ago and i've searched everywhere for a remedy.
First of all, while travelling around websites, i've heard some guys speaking about turmeric and, since i have some of it at home, i've tried a mix of that powder and water obtaining a quite immediate relief.
After that i've heard about vinegar and baking soda, but together they weren't effective so i created my own mix:
2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar
1 table spoon off honey (just for making everything more drinkable)
1 teaspoon of turmeric
a glass of water (first add the previous ingredients and then add water)

i must admit it helped a lot and now that uti is almost gone.

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Trying this now in fact drinking it as I type this. I also took two cranberry tabs. Hopefully it's okay to take them together with the turmeric acv tea. I will update my results. I hadn't had a uti in years.


Definitely feel a lot better after about 20 mins after drinking. Had to go to the store to buy the vinegar and that was torture. After drinking this that sense of urgency is not there and things are more comfortable. I am actually sitting on my couch relaxing and not waiting right by the bathroom. Don't feel a hundred percent better. But I'll drink this again tomorrow. A warning to those who may try this the turmeric is strong. I may use a bit less tomorrow. Hopefully it'll still be effective.


Stelbaz - Did it work?

I just started getting symptoms of a UTI and I'm trying this recipe now. Thank goodness I happen to have all of that stuff at home already. I'm really hoping this works and the UTI goes away. I don't have the time or the insurance to go to the doctors right now. Yes I understand I might need antibiotics if this doesn't work but any relief would be welcome right now.


I tried all these home remedies for 5 days and none worked. Ladies, don't mess around and just get the antibiotics. I will add though that the 1st I had it, I didn't realize that is what is was. So, maybe it works if you do it within the first 12 hours, not for me though.


The turmeric, honey and apple cider vinegar with water combo worked like magic. I had been in horrible pain for a couple of days and nothing seemed to be working. Within 20-30 minutes of drinking this, my sense of urgency completely disappeared and my paint diminished to almost nothing. I literally had relief for the rest of the night (I drank it at around 4pm). I started experiencing a bit more pain and urgency this morning, but I just drank another one of these and I'm hoping if I repeat it a couple of times today, my UTI will disappear completely. I can't deal with antibiotics anymore!!!

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! You allowed me to function like a normal person!!

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