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The mother of cure all! Apple Cider vinegar! Be sure to use one with the mother.

1 Tbls Apple Cider Vinegar
1 c. water (I used warm water from the tap)

Using cotton ball, wipe around eyes and in corners, squeeze some solution in eyes. It hurts and stings like crazy at first and you'll tear up but if you've been suffering for a couple of days, instant relief! Repeat process every couple of hours if desired. I tried this this morning, and even the red eye reduced drastically.

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This worked amazingly!! It definitely burned but its worth the few seconds of sting to have clear eyes within a few hours! After using the cider I also put cold green tea bags on my eyes for 10 min and that took away swelling and pain!

Margaret Buckler

I have used colloidal silver numerous times for pink works every time. You can put it right in the eye. Withn one day will be gone.


What do people mean when they say to be sure to use 'one with the mother' when referring to Apple cider vinegar?


I would not put colloidal silver in your eye unless you are positive it is a 100% colloidal without a protein binder. Protein binders carry bacteria, and will make your pink eye much worse. One, Natural Path Silver Wings. Don't waste money on this crap. Made my pink eye worse. And, it is documented as having a protein binder. They just don't admit to it on the bottle. Shake it, and if it foams, it has protein(gelatin) in it.


Sounds crazy, but it was the only thing that worked for me


I have vaseline in my eyes . Is there a way to get it out.

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