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I highly recommend Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste for an instant and lasting relief all you have to do is apply directly to the sensitive tooth with fingertip and massage gently for a 5sec.. I swear this really works! cheap and its sooo great..

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I use that toothpaste and take Midol because its a bit stronger than normal Tylenol. It normally does te trick!


Thank u so much I was having severe toothache pains and I read ur helpful hint and it helped a lot I also always heard brush ur teeth but this worked even better


10/08/2013-Thank you so much for the tip about the toothpaste! I have been in pain all day and the stupid toothache gel was not working. I dabbed some of the cologate sensitive pro relief toothpaste around the gums of he tooth that was hurting and WOW it hasn't hurt for two hours so far!


I just applied colgate cavity protection toothpaste and it seems to have worked instantly. Been having this stupid toothache for days now...i wanted to just shoot myself in the head it was so bad!! Don't have insurance so....


Just so happens this is the toothpaste I use. I just applied it to the tooth area and it works!! Thanks!

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