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turmeric. Found in mustard. Honey mustard tastes best. One spoonful.

Thought it was a joke but what did I have to loose? Was sitting here stretching my left leg for over an hour. Real deep pain. Checked for mustard in fridge and it had the turmeric in it. Took spoonful and no kidding 8 min later it was gone. Try it be see. Can't hurt right?

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I just checked my fridge for mustard. Turns out all yellow mustard contains turmeric. I've been trying to sleep for 3 hours now unsuccessfully so didn't have much to loose (other than a settled stomach) I had to chase the spoonful with milk, but it seems to be doing the trick! I guess I'll know for sure in a few more minutes, but thanks for the tip! How easy!


I have in last few months (4-6) off & on, been getting restless leg syndrome more and more and I am already at my wits end! I am already on a prescribed sleep aid and even when I take double the recommended dose to JUST sleep, my legs keep me WIDE AWAKE, its as if its stops my meds from working WHEN I get it! Its absolutely unbearable and I have tried sleep aids, hot packs, tea, & now mustard. I just took my spoonful of Mustard about 6 minutes ago and I am dying to find out if it works!!!

Thank you for your @ home tip!!!

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