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mix VINEGAR, HOT SAUCE, DAWN DETERGENT and WATER, in spray bottle. homemade insect repellant and killer

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Hi i likr this rememdy for flies. isthere a exact amnt of each inged. thnx


Please can you tell me what would be the amount of each ingredient to put in the spray bottle.


This worked incredibly for me. I didn't really know what to do for measurements, so I just kind of guessed. I would say no more than just a dab or two of the Dawn, about 3/4 a cup of vinegar, quite a few dabs of hot sauce, and then I filled cold water to about the halfway point with cold water in a 1L bottle. Just left the bottle sitting on the kitchen table and just hours later, hadn't seen a single fly. And there was no bad smell that I could sense. Hope this works the same for others.

tina durocher

OMG!! i cant believe how fast this works, the flies were dropping dead instantly, it also got rid of moths,fruit flies,roaches. i wont use anything else but this again...

in a rinsed out fantastic cleaner bottle i filled it 3/4 full of water, used a 1/2 cup vinegar, and about 2 tblsp each of hot sauce and blue dawn dish soap.... better then raid


I did this and it did not work it seemed to attract them


can it be any dish soap


So you put it in a spray bottle or pop bottle and leave it there


Worked with other dish soap too. Amazing!


I just filled a bottle with this solution and sprayed it everywhere outside on my porch. No more flies. They were everywhere. I am at peace now. TXS.


Had plenty of flies because of the puppy...had all of these things in my house... IT ACTUALLY works! Thanks so much! I was tired of feeling like I lived outside. Not the best smelling lol

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