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Dog and Kid lover!

After reading all the above remedy's I'm reminded of a problem i had oh about 15 years ago with head lice on my daughter who was only seven at the time, I spent a fortune on the over the counter meds, that didn't work i think the lice were immune to the stuff and after a few weeks off work because they wouldn't let her return with any sings ie. one little egg...go figure! I read and tried every thing mayo, baby oil, Valvoline poor child! Until I finally read an something that made sense Why is it that only kids get lice? Because kids don't take hot showers every day like adults NOW DON'T GO SCALD YOUR DOG!!!!!IT DOSEN'T HAVE TO BEEEEEE TOO HOT BUT MORE WARM THAN LUKE WARM,like the jacuzzie I put my baby in a really warm tub of water and the lice fell off it was amazing how many were in there i had just used the rit junk, that's why they die in the dryer. the HEAT WILL KILL THEM! just please be careful..

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adults get lice. It is more common in children because they are grouped together in masses at schools and they are innocent, not understanding that you can't share brushes etc. so it spreads quickly.


My 8 wk pit lab mix puppy also had mange. I did a lot of research after the dip we were given didn't work and she was miserable. We gave her childrens Benadryl for the itching. used Neem capsules in her food once a day. Made Neem oil shampoo by just adding the Neem oil to baby shampoo. We also changed her food to Science Diet, and gave her Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The trick is to boost their immunity system which will help them to fight off the mange. In only 2 weeks hair has stopped coming out and her skin is almost cleared up.


Thanks to your post, as i was applying the borax/peroxide/water treatment, i decided to fill the tub with a few inches of warm water and added to mixture to it also, so his paws were submerged for at leastv 15 minutes... he quit licking them immediately and so now i have him stand in the warm water everytime i bathe him and his fur is coming back to all areas of his feet! It had to have helped kill whatever was attacking his if i can just get his back end healthy again he will be a happy dog! Wish i had a garden tub to submerge his whole body! :-)

Shannon Ockman

Actually…the reason children are often the target of lice is because 1. children usually don't blow dry hair 2. they don't dye their hair 3. they don't use hairspray or other hair products.

Blow dry your children's hair at least 3 times a week and lice won't be around. They like 'good hosts' not hosts that dirty their hair with products or use hot hair appliances. Then wash and dry all bedding at least 2 times a month. Dryers get too hot for these pests to survive. Never use pesticides on your child's head. (hello?)

Country girl

Can you use aloe Vera gel instead of the baby oil in the mix with listerine and water for dog mange? It's pure aloe.

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