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After having numerous bouts of outer ear infections in the last few years, i have come to the conclusion that if the infection is mild, the best remedy is to DO NOTHING. The ENT consultant reckons that i have a type of dermatitis in my ear canal as i also suffer from very itchy scalp, and there is a connection between the two. Pouring stuff like vinegar directly onto scaly, sore skin is only going to inflame the canal. I have been so vigorous trying to keep my ears clean and bacteria free, but have just been told by the Doc that i have another infection!! Its very mild and she didnt think i needed antibiotic eardrops this time, but i know the reason i have it again is that i have been dousing my ears with vinegar/ rubbing alcohol solution when there is no need for it. this strips away the good bacteria as well as the bad. I didnt tell my doctor that i had been using it, as she is constantly telling me 'DON'T PUT ANYTHING SMALLER THAN YOUR ELBOW IN YOUR EAR'!! the ENT consultant did tell me to put vaseline around the outer ear if i felt i needed it, or some warmed olive oil around the canal opening (and some may fall into the canal which is ok). The worst thing you can do is stick Qtips in your ears. I had a very bad habit of sticking hairpins in my ears too, awful i know, but i dont do that anymore. Take vitamin C, eat healthy and let your body fight the infection naturally.

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I disagree about using q-tips. I am 41 years old. And I have cleaned my ears with hot water an q-tips since I was 10 years old. Some people wet them with their mouth. Bad idea. I put hot water into my ear and then clean with the q-tip. It easily works out any gunk. Over the years, doctors have told me that I have the cleanest ears they ever saw. I am an itchy person. Therefore, my ears have always itched. It may be because I had hugh ear infections when I was little because my mother smoked like a train. It caused my ear canals to widen. So you can actually look into my ears with the naked eye and see all the way down. I scrub the sides with a q-tip to relieve an itch. I love it. But the canal must be warm and wet. Never use a dry q-tip in a dry ear. Also, doing 'nothing' isn't the best thing. Infections can be directly caused by your diet. And if you have a poor one, expect to have all kinds of illnesses.

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