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Eaten Alive

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Sunday evening had a nice walk along our back property...DID NOT THINK THAT THROUGH!!

Sprayed myself with Deep Woods off before i even got out there, but I've lived in the south my whole life, you always take a hot shower when you come in from outside playing/working whatever. So took a shower, got out and didn't see any bites. I'm thinking at that point....Deep Woods off is a score....WAY WRONG ANSWER!!!! By 3am Monday morning I was seriously considering boiling my skin off somehow just to ease the misery that is Chigger bites. In the last 48 hours I have tried:

Bleach, Listerine (both cool mint and regular), an entire tube of cortisone cream (temporary hour by hour relief), Calamine, Caladryl, itch-x, Chigg away, Chiggarid...I've eaten Benadryl like M&Ms.

Today: I went to the doctor for a DECADRON (spelling?) shot.

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG the relief is damn near orgasmic. He also prescribed Elimite cream but the Caladryl tends to give me longer relief.

I have yet to try the ideas of Lice Shampoo or the Monistat (lol) cream. But both sound like logical remedies.

Best bet though is just go to your doctor when you first start itching and get the shot. I've counted 132 bites from my knees to my bra line and as it stands now (about 15 hours later) I only have about 10-12 bites that are still itchy.

Hope all the sufferer find their relief SOON.

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I so feel your pain..I am on day 3 of misery..i hope to get relief soon..

Formerly Tormented Chiggernaut

I had 35 very nasty chigger leg bites with extreme pain, and wanting the same 'orgasmic' relief, after 48 hours of suffering and no sleep whatsoever, I talked the doctor into a cocktail injection of 8mg Decadron and 80mg Depo-Mederol (both corticosteroids). Also got an oral prescription of Hydroxyzine antihistamine. This, after NOTHING OVER THE COUNTER worked for me and after two full nights of tormented half-sleep!

I didn't have the orgasmic response (drats!) but within 4-5 hours of the injection my extreme itching and pain was reduced by 90%.

The Doc said, 'Why didn't you come in a day earlier (within 24 hours of the bites first itching badly)?' She was pissed I let it go so long! Male ego, right?

Orgasm or not...GET TO THE DOCTOR ASAP!

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