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Eaten Alive

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Sunday evening had a nice walk along our back property...DID NOT THINK THAT THROUGH!!

Sprayed myself with Deep Woods off before i even got out there, but I've lived in the south my whole life, you always take a hot shower when you come in from outside playing/working whatever. So took a shower, got out and didn't see any bites. I'm thinking at that point....Deep Woods off is a score....WAY WRONG ANSWER!!!! By 3am Monday morning I was seriously considering boiling my skin off somehow just to ease the misery that is Chigger bites. In the last 48 hours I have tried:

Bleach, Listerine (both cool mint and regular), an entire tube of cortisone cream (temporary hour by hour relief), Calamine, Caladryl, itch-x, Chigg away, Chiggarid...I've eaten Benadryl like M&Ms.

Today: I went to the doctor for a DECADRON (spelling?) shot.

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG the relief is damn near orgasmic. He also prescribed Elimite cream but the Caladryl tends to give me longer relief.

I have yet to try the ideas of Lice Shampoo or the Monistat (lol) cream. But both sound like logical remedies.

Best bet though is just go to your doctor when you first start itching and get the shot. I've counted 132 bites from my knees to my bra line and as it stands now (about 15 hours later) I only have about 10-12 bites that are still itchy.

Hope all the sufferer find their relief SOON.

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Sorry to hear about the chigger bites however the way you wrote about your experience was really funny. You should think about writing short stories. You have a way with words to get a person attention. Good job.


all you need is clear finger nail polish and paint them kills it off stops the itch to


I agree, my daughter and I have laughed til we've cried and our stomachs hurt!! If laughter is a medicine, THANK YOU, we really needed it!!! Get busy writing!!!!!!

Big Bear Walt

Sounds to me like the next time you need a roll in the hay, you shouldn't take it so literally? :-) and while clear polish might work for a few bite just imagine trying to cover yourself from the breast's to the feet's with it. Her way worked just fine. Next time though take some powdered sulfer with you and dust the area where you will be......wrestling?


Wow that was funny! As I sit here watching my husband scratch his legs off, looking for home remedies for him to try I came across this! I laughed so hard I cried! Thanks!


Look iam so happy to hear that you have pretty much found the holy grail of the chiggers itch I will try that next time iam just getting over about 13 bites myself the itch was bad now if I can find out how to get rid of the red bumps I'd like to enjoy the rest of my summer in SHORTS!!!!!! Ps they do look like you got some kind of something------;)(lol). Gross,


Buy the way that was funny --------:)

Shot happy

I can second getting the shot. I got well over 50 bites and spent many days suffering. I many of the things listed such as nail polish which was almost useless, peroxide (did nothing), Listerine (did nothing), Vicks and salt mixture was effective enough that I could control myself and not seriously think about chopping my legs off. I got home 5 days later and get the Decadron shot. Literally almost immediately I feel 80-90% better. Still some minor discomfort but the agony is gone. I highly recommend it.


Very funny. Good writing job!!


I was laughing while reading your post...funny is an understatement...don't miss your blessing! Write!!!

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