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I dropped a steel drum(barrel) on my left big toe while in my teens (59 now). Oh yeah, it hurt, was the worst pain in my life. Over time I lost my toenail and another started growing, but it grew smaller and thicker. I actually did not know there could be a cure for my toe fungus until one day a couple of weeks ago I got tired of hearing people poke at my 'funny toe'. So I looked on the web, trimmed my toe as much as I could and tried the apple cider vinegar and vicks thing for about a week. All I noticed was it got softer. Then I gave it some more attention (I know now that a week wouldn't be long enough), so I began reading this forum. With all the 'sure thing's' here, I couldn't decide what to tryed first using ketaconizole, clorimeride, and lamisil, all on subsequent days since I have no idea which will work, surely one should show some affect wouldn't you think ? I also use an old oral B electric toothbrush and scrub my toe with alcohol first, then hydrogen perocide, dry it, then apply one of the above solutions all on alternate days. I also have an enlarged prostrate which keeps me urinating at night about every 2 hours. Well, oddly, last night I only pee'd one time, this IS a big deal for me as I slept great. Hasn't happened for years. What happened? Could one of the topical creams be helping my night pee'ing too. How is that possible? Can't wait to see how tonight goes, and I'll post it here again. Anyway, aside from my pee problem, does anyone have any comments on my method of trying to cure my toe fungus ? As I sit here, I'm looking at my left big toe covered in Lotrimin, hoping it works. I've only been doing this method for about a week now, so I will give it more time and see if it works. I really appreciate all of the other comments you all have made, and I didnt know if it would help if I added my 2-cents worth. Incidentally, I didn't just go out and buy all of this stuff, my wife and I had it in our medicine chest already. Thanks all!

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OK, here's my follow up after about 5 weeks. It looks like the fungus is gone, completely. For the last 5 weeks, I have religiously followed this treatment plan, and it worked.
1. Filed down my infected nail on about 4 different occassions. During this time, I was able to completely get the nail filed down to the nail bed. Several times it did bleed, but really wasn't very painful.
2. Each day I scrubbed the infected nail with antibiotic soap and my Braun powered brush. (don't brush teeth with this brush!)
3. Put a couple of drops of alcohol on my nail every day after cleaning.
4. After the alcohol dried, I applied tea tree oil 2-4 times a day. (Note, all I noticed from tea tree oil was that it softened the nail).
5. Bedtime, applied clotrimeride (stuff for yeast infections) and put bandaid over it.
Next day, repeated procedure.
I got my tea tree oil from Puritan Vitamins online. (Buy 1 get 2 free), lol, this is more than I need I found out later.
The infected toenail is completely gone. A thin pinkish soft nailbed is what's left. Folks, this only took about 5 weeks of patience and persistence. It worked. Now I'm just awaiting the necessay 10 or so months for my new nail to show up.
My take on the other tried and proven methods - I tried just about every method I read, and my thought is that they almost all work to some degree. I believe my best solution was filing off the old nail. It took peristence, but anyone can do this, if you can bend over. When I think about solutions that take longer...if thats what you want to do, do it, it will just take longer. (vinegar, vicks, anti-fungals, etc)...but for me...since the fungus resides in the nail bed, I filed it off! It works and makes good sense why it works. I have to admit though, its very possible the clotrimeride helped a lot to keep the fungus from returning. But no antifungal will kill nail fungus in 5 weeks, but filing it away will work. I'm staying on the clotrimeride since there's plenty left, just in case. As far as laser therapy goes---hmmm, expensive and not necessary unless you can't bend over, which is understood for people with disabilities. I swear, people, filing down works. Do it and apply some antifungal and you will see it disappear, and very inexpensively.
Cheers !



Out of curiosity did your prostrate issues clear up as well?


you are a embustero! you must own stocks with the medicine companies or you didn't try the natural remedies long enough. Im very sure some idiot will follow you and go buy medicine.


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