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I'm only three/four days into this, so it's too early to tell for sure whether it's temporary relief or something more permanent, but BORIC ACID. inserted vaginally. i bought size 00 gelatin capsules at Whole Foods (about $5) and boric acid at Walgreens (about $8). Insert at night, and in the morning it will drip out a bit but nothing too too messy.

I started getting BV probably two years ago. I've done I think 4 or 5 rounds of the antibiotics. I knew from reading online that taking antibiotics repeatedly should just make the infection more resistant. Sure enough, the final time that I took them, the usual one week course didn't quite kick it, and my doctor extended my prescription. I kept expressing my concern to him that if I continued taking the antibiotics the infection would just keep coming back stronger and more resilient. He just kept saying 'We can't say what will happen.' So frustrated now that I did the antibiotics for as long as I did.

Also, super frustrated by posts on here of girls/women saying 'OMG FOUND THE CURE TRIED IT LAST NIGHT PROMISE IT WILL WORK FOR YOU.' Obviously these women aren't BV veterans: something that eases symptoms for a single night can hardly be called a cure, and obviously what works for one person isn't guaranteed to work for another (or else this site wouldn't have 101 different cures right??)

The boric acid helped overnight for me. It was painless and not messy and cheap, I'm more excited about this than anything else I've tried. I'll keep it up and post again, but I'd be interested to hear other women's experiences with it too.

One more thing, I have a new boyfriend that's had to go through this with me. At times it's been so frustrating I want to cry. It's hard enough going through it alone, but having to explain the embarrassing situation to someone you are madly infatuated with doesn't help. Things I found helpful in explaining it to him:

-explain that it's the most common vaginal infection, even more so than yeast infections
-most women take one round of antibiotics and are done, but for some reason a small percentage of women have it recurring
-dr's don't have a simple cure for it and don't know much about it

when he wanted to fool around and i didn't because i knew i'd have an odor, i would tell him that the infection makes my vagina smell like 'vagina.' i say that rather than fish, or saying that it smells bad. he'll know what you mean, but it's less uncomfortable, in my opinion..

good luck! i'll be back, this website has been a huge source of help and comfort to me. i wish the best for you all :)

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Question: isn't boric acid poisonous? What Boric Acid did you purchase?


Just regular boric acid, it's in a white powder form. From my online research i'd read that it's been used in part as a roach killer, but that it wouldn't be harmful inserted vaginally in the doses that i'm doing it. i read on here that one lady accidentally swallowed one of the capsules she'd meant to take vaginally and called poison control, and they said not to worry.


OMG!!! Please do NOT use this home remedy sounds like a demon tryn to kill you boric acid is a death trap in your vagina plz research..


are you friggin kidding?!


My doctor actually prescribed a boric acid suppository for me after a few rounds fighting bv. She had a compounding pharmacy make them so they're waxy like regular suppositories & a bit messy but I've had great results! Used one 3 nights consecutively then twice a week & feel back to normal :)


I bought a homeopathic remedy for a yeast infection and it has inactive ingredients, and one that was listed was boric acid. In moderation it is not a bad thing. Please do research to find what will work best for your body, as we are all different. I suggest a book called America's #1 guide to Natural Health, Prescription for Nutritional Healing. I have the 5th edition. This is an amazing book for just about all ailments. Ladies stand up for all of yourselves and think about taking antibiotics before you use them. I am still currently seeking and using different things to try and cure my bacterial infection, but naturopathic therapy that I am finding and using just on my own seems to be working quite well! I am opposed to taking antibiotics unless it is a life threatening situation that they can not be avoided!



It doesn't hurt, burn or none of that! My Vagina is back to normal and trust me I've tried EVERY THING !



Been using boric acid inserts (made at compound pharmacy here in town.) they are powder in clear capsules. I use one vaginally three days a week per MD orders since flagyl quit working after three years and all other antibiotics never worked once. Made my insides inflamed to the point couldn't even have my yearly pelvic exam using hydrogen peroxide. LOVE the boric acid with exception of this second year seems like I would be better with extra two a month. Praying that doesn't mean they lose their effectiveness over time because it is the only thing that works.

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