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Helllooo Ladies!

I've seen a lot of people say that vitamin C is working for them however, I hard this very hard to believe. Inserting Vitamin C vaginally and taking them orally is only going to make things worse, because BV is caused from being to acidic, and what do you think vitamin C is? I've done so much research, and people seem to think you need the acidic enviroment but its literally the opposite. Please Do your research because I sure have. I've literally tried everything there is out there but have no relief what so ever and Vitamin C made my discharge unbareable. I went from barely any discharge to ruining almost all of my underware, I was literally drenched. It was disgusting. I've done a lot of research and just recently watched DR. Oz as he talked about BV. BV occurs when you have a Vitamin D deficiency and a high acidic environment within your PH balance.. You should go to the doctors and get tests run to see if you have a Vitamin D deficiency and see if you need to take a Supplement and how much you need to take. However, I never went to the Doctors because I'm through with going there and I had a feeling in my gut that is exactly what I have. Reasons why: I hardly ever eat fish, I barely ever drink milk or eat eggs and thats where your vitamin D comes from other then the sun. Yet, according to a new study we are not in the sun long enough to even get the right amount of Vitamin D in our bodies. THey thought before you only needed to be outside for 15 minutes without sunblock, but the study changed.

I recently purchased some Vitamin D tablets 1000IU and took one today and seriously my discharge went from drenching my underware to barely there and the odor almost gone. IN ONE DAY !!! I'm seriously thinking another vitamin tomorrow and I will be cured. Also, I will add, if you buy the Vitamin D DO NOT exceed more than 5000IU a day. and honestly I would stick to no more than 2000IU unless told by a doctor.
Another thing that I'm doing that I've noticed helped before I bought the Vitamin D is drinking an 8 oz glass of water with a half teaspoon of baking soda right before bed. It really works. But you have to do it with out eating anything, and give yourself 4 hours, thats why I said before bed. I will warn you it doesn't taste great but its better then having BV.

Stop Douching and doing all that other stuff and I can almost guarantee you that this will work. So far for me it has and I'm so happy that I bought the Vitamin D. I took them orally too, so if you don't feel comfortable sticking things in your vagina this is perfect. I did so many things that were suggested on here and I'm so mad at myself for it because that Vitamin C literally made it so much worse, all the hrdogen peroxide crap, vinagar, apple cider, yogurt, nothing worked for me. But now I feel amazing. Finally after 4 lonnnng years. I can finally have the relationship with my husband back.!!!

Let me know if you have any questions, I will answer all of them.

Special thanks to Dr. Oz's show for sure.

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For the person who asked how long it takes to work.

I took vitamin C vaginally for about a week and noticed my discarge got really bad. When I stopped and took 1 D3 Vitamin I noticed that my discharge was a 'normal' discharge like BV. I guess you could say for me, by day 3 I was clear. However if you really do have a vitamin deficiency and depending how bad it is it could take longer. Everyones body is different so I can't really put a number on it. I'd like to tell you that since this post I'm still BV CLEAR! Not only that but I've recently had my period and have had sex (more than once) and still no sign of it coming back. I really think it worked. & I hope it works for you too.! Let me know.!


Hi, I have suffered from it ongoing and went thought the repeat antibiotics route for a while but only began to see it clear up for extended periods once I started using Intrafresh a pessary by Biocare. It's Lacobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus gasseri, garlic and rose oil, you'll need two boxes used continuesly. Insert at night. After using this I didn't have a repeat of vaginitis until I became ill recently and it flared up again. Apple cider vinaigrette taken daily since using the pessaries also seemed up have keep it at bay. I'm doubtful of the vit D deficiency because I work out doors and get plenty of vit D but still get it.


I have had BV for about two years its literally making me insane my poor boyfriend is always like your either on your period or have an infection he's just as frustrated as me.... I've been to the Dr so many times and the meds they give me work but as soon as I get my period it comes back!!! Thank you Sooooooooo much for your advice I just tried the baking soda and water and first thing in the morning I am going to get the vitamin d pills!! I'm Sooooooooo excited to see if this actually works!!! Morning can't come fast enough because like you I don't drink milk or eat eggs like I should... Thank you I hope this works


Thank you so much for this post! I myself have been struggling with BV for 4 years now and nothing has worked. =[ Do you think that Premier Research Labs vitamin D3 dietary serum 2000IU a drop will work?


What brand of vit D u use?


I use Nature Made Vitamine D 1000IU per day. & Im still Clear.!!!!


Hi, thank you for sharing :)... I have been diagnosed with BV after a swab was tested at doctors! I don't have the discharge but the top of my vagina is heavily coated with thick Lucas! Doctor prescribing me the antibiotic that everyone else seems to have tried, but I don't want to take the antibiotic as I am on medication for lowering my immune system & don't want to take antibiotics as they can cause other problems & not necessarily cure the BV... Am going to get the but D3 today & start on it, I also take folic acid 400mg & But C 500mg everyday along with triple strength antibiotics. Does the vit D kill off the over growth of bad bacteria? I really want to cure this problem myself with the use of antibiotics!


sorry, that was mucas.


VIT D3 & vit C lol


Bingo! I agree with most of what folks here are saying. There is a connection between PH, diet, deficiencies, hormonal changes and BV. I hope my sharing might help someone else. I have never before had BV until the past year and I am in my early 50s.

I want to know about the impact BV has on general health, vaginal tissue and psychosocial well being of older women as most of the talk about BV health effects relates to consequences during pregnancy.

I just found out I have an iodine deficiency, low levels of blood proteins and nutrients related to anxiety and sleeplessness, osteopenia, and insulin resistance. I was told to take Vit D, calcium, fish oil, micronutrients, and eliminate stars and carbs, though I already had a low glycemic diet.

I have a history of restless leg syndrome due to anemia. The doctor told me to temporarily take iron but didn't test folic acid levels or retest iron levels. That was 6 years ago. I was also found to be low in B12 over the years. I have neuropathy symptoms that mimic multiple sclerosis, but can also b caused my vit b deficiencies.

My body is no longer absorbing minerals and nutrients; I am vitamin and nutrient deficient. That seems to be a contributing factor to BV. Low folic acid, vit. D, E, A are especially correlated, as are hormonal changes that accompany menopause.

But this started way back. For many years prior, I was on antibiotics. It started with UTIs/kidney infection. My doctors just figured I was getting UTIs all the time (EVERY time I had sex, which was only with my husband over 17 years). They failed to consider semen allergy. I was given antibiotics to take before and after sex and still, I ended up with UTIs. I became worse as time went on and I suspected allergy but I needed cooperation from my increasingly narcopath husband to seek treatment. His mental health and then his diet changed drastically from healthy to horrible (junk, processed meat, lots of alcohol, caffeine, fatty and acidic foods. I think that changed his Ph level--and everything else.

The damage to my gut from the antibiotics was severe. I weaned myself off the antibiotics as best as I could after a kidney infection but I had an emergency gallbladder removal, making things worse with all the toxic drugs. I could no longer digest fats and dairy, which were good source of Vit A, E, D, calcium and magnesium we now know are needed to maintain good vaginal flora. I went on a probiotic program to heal my gut but it took five years. I developed subclinical deficiencies and my immune system was shot, but the labs were relatively normal. I gradually improved my heath (except the allergy) and returned to eating healthy fats.

I had a horrific situation occur a few years back and it shocked my body into menopause that day. On top of the nightmare, I developed all the menopausal symptoms and BV. This was a perfect storm.

I am on estrogen patch and progesterone pill supplementation and have not yet tried bioidentical hormones.

I have tried Waterworks with boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, or cider vinegar, yogurt tampons, and homeopathic with vit C tablets vaginally. They work temporarily and require daily use.

The link to dietary deficiencies appears to be very credible. But for a menopausal woman, there may be no one answer because of the changes to the vaginal tissues. I have tried to eliminate gluten, sugar and to eat a low acid diet. It may take a long while to see full improvement.

Have others ben on bioidentical hormones and noticed improvement in the vaginal tissue? Have you tried the creams? If so, which ones? Since BV thins the tissues and makes women more susceptible to STDs, I think it's wise to arm oneself with ways to prevent the c=possibility of contracting an STD, aside from the obvious precaution of using condoms, so I am considering creams.

Now that I am single in my later years and I am looking at the prospect of sexual intimacy one day, after so long, it's a scary proposition; I want to prepare myself for the potential to maybe allow that to happen, but not until the BV is gone and the health and look of the tissue is restored--if possible.

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