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Helllooo Ladies!

I've seen a lot of people say that vitamin C is working for them however, I hard this very hard to believe. Inserting Vitamin C vaginally and taking them orally is only going to make things worse, because BV is caused from being to acidic, and what do you think vitamin C is? I've done so much research, and people seem to think you need the acidic enviroment but its literally the opposite. Please Do your research because I sure have. I've literally tried everything there is out there but have no relief what so ever and Vitamin C made my discharge unbareable. I went from barely any discharge to ruining almost all of my underware, I was literally drenched. It was disgusting. I've done a lot of research and just recently watched DR. Oz as he talked about BV. BV occurs when you have a Vitamin D deficiency and a high acidic environment within your PH balance.. You should go to the doctors and get tests run to see if you have a Vitamin D deficiency and see if you need to take a Supplement and how much you need to take. However, I never went to the Doctors because I'm through with going there and I had a feeling in my gut that is exactly what I have. Reasons why: I hardly ever eat fish, I barely ever drink milk or eat eggs and thats where your vitamin D comes from other then the sun. Yet, according to a new study we are not in the sun long enough to even get the right amount of Vitamin D in our bodies. THey thought before you only needed to be outside for 15 minutes without sunblock, but the study changed.

I recently purchased some Vitamin D tablets 1000IU and took one today and seriously my discharge went from drenching my underware to barely there and the odor almost gone. IN ONE DAY !!! I'm seriously thinking another vitamin tomorrow and I will be cured. Also, I will add, if you buy the Vitamin D DO NOT exceed more than 5000IU a day. and honestly I would stick to no more than 2000IU unless told by a doctor.
Another thing that I'm doing that I've noticed helped before I bought the Vitamin D is drinking an 8 oz glass of water with a half teaspoon of baking soda right before bed. It really works. But you have to do it with out eating anything, and give yourself 4 hours, thats why I said before bed. I will warn you it doesn't taste great but its better then having BV.

Stop Douching and doing all that other stuff and I can almost guarantee you that this will work. So far for me it has and I'm so happy that I bought the Vitamin D. I took them orally too, so if you don't feel comfortable sticking things in your vagina this is perfect. I did so many things that were suggested on here and I'm so mad at myself for it because that Vitamin C literally made it so much worse, all the hrdogen peroxide crap, vinagar, apple cider, yogurt, nothing worked for me. But now I feel amazing. Finally after 4 lonnnng years. I can finally have the relationship with my husband back.!!!

Let me know if you have any questions, I will answer all of them.

Special thanks to Dr. Oz's show for sure.

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Which vit d do you recommend. I have vit d3 will that work?


Yes that is exactly what I used. Let me know how it works. I'm still clear!!!


It's worth a try! I'm so over this!! It's been years and 5-10 rounds of antibiotics. Always comes back. UGH!!


So do you insert the vitamin D tablet inside your vagina?


Ok I'm not sure if I have BV but I've been doing alot of research and it seems to be what I might have. I've never had this problem before but it seems like once a month about a week in a half after my period I get a horrible smell and light discharge. The smell reminds me of dirty socks and it clings to my under ware etc. I also notice it will smell when I orgasm and it's so embarrassing. I wash every day as needed, I don't over due anything, I don't douche or any of that. Just soap and water. I'm not sure what to do. My boyfriend looks at me like what the heck is wrong with your who-ha lol. I'm curious if your BV smelled and what it smells like?


To the person who was wondering if i inserted into my vagina: No i didn't but if you want it won't hurt however i dont know if it will have the same effect. I also just recently talked to my doctor and he said that the vitamin d deficiency is exactly what caused me to have bv. Im happy now that ive figured it out but mad that it took me this long. He also told me that more thenhalf of the u.s population have the defiency so you might have to take a supplement the rest of your life. Im taking 2,000 iu a day orally because the 1,000 didnt cure the bv all the way. But with 2,00 it did. Just follow my instructions and ride this out. Everythings going to be okay. :)



The smell for bv smells awful for some and not so much for someone else. It really depends on the person and how bad the bv is. However, look at it like this. The more discharge you have, the more its gonna stink. The smell is awful and yes when i had sex i had discharge and it smelled awful. Nothing like what sex is suppose to smell like thats forsure. If you really think you h ave bv then you should go to the doctors and make sure before trying to cure something your unsure on. Because if you have something else you can make everything worse. Now if you do have bv follow your doctors instructions and if it comes back like mine did follow my instructions and it should get taken care if. The sooner the better. Let me know how things go too. :)


I have the same current issue! I've tried the pills and creams from the doctor and nothing has worked! This BV has made me do depressed I don't know what else to do! I plan to try what you said and thank you for sharing your solution!!!!


I have bv now and just started taking vitamin D3 IU2000 how dose it take for the supplements to work ?


WOW! Thank you for this. I have been struggling with BV for quite some time. I had a dose of Metro gel earlier this year. Everything was fine for about 2-3 weeks then it came back. I just finished a round of clindamycin, but in the midst of all this I discovered I am anemic and have a vitamin d deficiency. I repeat I have a Vitamin deficiency. Never in a million years did I think that these were linked. I just started taking the vitamin d supplement today and I am anxiously awaiting the results to all of this madness. *Fingers Crossed*

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