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Gently place a hot washcloth over the itching, ugly inflammation. Believe me these itch like heck and are painful at the same time. It will continue that way for 10-14 days if you let it heal on its own (I couldn't stand it myself). Anyway, keep replacing the heated washcloth directly to the sty (which is only an infection of an eyelash follicle). If it comes to a 'head' on it's own, great! Just gently remove the yucky contents and place a bit of Neosporin ointment over the open wound. OR, after several hot compresses and it refuses to cooperate, GENTLY use a pair of fine pointed tweezers and look into a magnifying mirror and gently remove the offensive eyelash (it should not hurt, but otherwise, feel much better as it will rupture to allow you to gently remove the contents and follow with a dab of Neosporin ointment.

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I'm an eye specialist and wouldn't recommend any body using instruments on there own eye.
It might have worked for you but I see to many people come to me after trying to treat them self and end up with eye damage and blindness after stabbing or not cleaning the instrument before self treating and creating an infection. The eye is very sensitive and reflects this. MOST sty's are from dust or dirt like objects going into the eye and then rubbing, the particle gets into the eye lid and starts the infection (pimple in the eye lid) a lot of natural remedies work because it's a process of cleaning the area. Be careful people

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