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Coconut Oil! I have had plantar warts on my feet for 8 years, I tried OTC removal gels & liquids, stick on dots, duct tape, OTC freeze away, banana peels. Sometimes they would diminish, but they always came back. The last time they came back with a vengence. On one foot I had over 20 warts, the other had 2 and then I got one on my cuticle and palm of my hand from all the handling trying to get rid of them. Finally I had heard that coconut oil could help. Now I am not saying this was an overnight sucess, it was a slow but painless process. I slathered coconut oil on my clean feet almost every day for about a year. The warts on my hands disappeared first, then the foot with 2 warts cleared up and the one with over 20, well I have about 5 spots where the largest warts were that are just about gone. Considering the length of time I have had these warts, I am very impressed. The only other thing I did this year was an occasional foot filing. Considering the amount of work all the other 'remedies' I have tried, this was simple and took about a minute each night.

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