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After much anguish and trying everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) I have finally found a cure for poison ivy that works for me (and my daughter) every time. At the first sign of the poison ivy I scratch the area for all it's worth and then rub in original Tabasco sauce. Within 10 to 15 minutes the itching is gone and it never breaks out again. On very rare occasions I have to apply it twice. It will feel warm after a while and may burn a little if you have open sores (but anything is better than the itch). Oh, and try not to rub your eyes.

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what happens if the poison ivy is right next to your eye and on your forehead? how would you get rid of it then?

Daddy Wags

Tabasco sauce - Is the bomb diggity! Total relief - sounds weird - but it works! Here's how - scrub the ever living out of it, open it up, then take a paper towel and pour some on the towel (a bottel only costs $2.00) the just rub it in(pat it), let it dry. Then here is the trick, up on your shorts, tshirt and walking shoes and go for a walk - you have to generate some heat in your body, it makes you feel warm all over. Apply again if needed. Then before bed take a shower/wash. The next day the itch is gone - TOTTALY AWESOME!


Ann feeling better. That's for this tip


I tried to Tabasco sauce the burn's like hell. I put it on once in the morning and once at night and I still had poison ivy 2 days later. I do not recommend this one.


I woke up this morning with poison ivy,I've had poison ivy before and had hard time getting rid of it, today I was let the area dry after scrubbing it with 91% alcohol, and I had the thought of trying Tabasco sauce so I did... I'll get back to ya with the results, today is 6/8


Well, I used the Tabasco sauce, and with in two, TWO days all of the blistering was gone. the redness stayed around for three more days, and presto all gone. So I highly recommend using it. It burned a little when ya get sweaty, but so...

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