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MEDERMA SCAR CREAM works really well on scars. It's amazing.
I had this scar on my face which was a nail scratch but the scar was horrible. which was a big black spot. was really upset and feeling low self confidence because of this.. but then I started using mederma and after 3 days it turned into red and after usage of 2 weeks scar was gone. and now I can't even remember the place where I had my scar on.

Usage period may depend according to your scar type and how old it is. but still it worked on me :)
Thank you!x

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abdullah prince

please how will i get the cream? send the reply to


I have a white scar.and I use merdarna but it didn't go away


Is this cream over the counter?


i'm using mederma but its nt get rid of a nail scar...


Mederma doesn't work !


How your scars are old? I have scars cuts by blades can mederma remove this scars

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