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Tried tums X3 with split second relief followed by feeling more worse off than before. Tried the Tsp of mustard at 140 am which made the burn worse... followed by more pain and suffering. Seen someone put down ginger and seeing as how I was desperate I took the tube of ginger I get at the supermarket that's minced into a paste took a Tsp of it and within 2 mons I feel great. Good luck everyone else :)

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Baking soda works. You have to hold your breath while drinking since it's pretty much the worst taste ever, but take it once an hour until your reflux is gone, really helps. Will make u burp, so beware.


While there is no cure for acid reflux, you can successfully treat acid reflux symptoms. For example, an alternative treatment to drugs or medication is to supplement with digestive enzymes before meals. Taking digestive enzymes assist your stomach with food digestion and keep your stomach from working too hard. You can find digestive enzymes in health food stores.

Reducing your cold liquid intake during meals can help treat acid reflux. When you ingest cold liquids at mealtime, it decreases your stomach’s digestive activity, causing your food to take longer to digest. Water, for example, dilutes the strength of the hydrochloric acid in your stomach. When you do need to drink during a meal, try drinking water at room temperature.

Increasing your vegetable intake can help with acid reflux symptoms. When you eat vegetables, especially fibrous vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, and sprouts, it takes up more room in your stomach without the bulk of meat. When the room is used up, you will tend to eat less of the bulky foods that are slower to digest and increase the pressure in your stomach. You can also eat multi-grain breads and other fibrous products to accomplish the same thing. Along the same lines, overeating is to be avoided. For more info please visit

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