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Packer c

I burned myself with a hot glue gun... Not fun.... I tried tons of different remedies like aloe Vera (only lasts a little while),egg whites which burned my skin more,, and salt nothing worked till I found a bag of chamomile and mint tea bag... I soaked it in water with my burnt finger it helped a lot until the bag ripped.. I put my burnt finger into the ripped bag instant relief it felt so much better.. Also if you truly can't find anything or have nothing ( mostly works on fingers) put your burnt part on your ear lobe surplingly it helps for a while until you find something I mean who would have thought...

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My 3 year old was burned with boiling water when she accidentally spilled a bowl of Ramen noodles I did the egg whites and with in a minute she said it didn't hurt any more and it even made some of the redness go away.

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