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I have been reading on this site for my acid reflux for a while, and I haven't had the chance to try many cures on here, but I have heard lots of good stuff about apple cider vinegar. I haven't tried it yet, but what I have tried is the peanut butter cure. Just eat a small spoonful of smooth peanut butter- works for a bit, but now it's back to burning. Also, don't over-do it on the peanut butter, too much is hard to swallow. I will keep trying cures, but I need something that will provide instant and long-lasting relief...I have a naturally sensitive stomach, and I have begun to rely on Tums to heal me, but the relief is temporary....please post comments on this that will help, and try the peanut butter!

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Peanut butter really does seem to work. Thanks for the tip!(I only had crunchy, but acid reflux is gone anyway)


Well I have had a long history of the worst possible reflux more so during pregnancy! I hav found that 1teaspoon of bicarbonate soda mixed wit half glass of water really does the trick,for reflux and indigestion!please note that it must not be taken regularly as it does tend to thin out the blood! Nevertheless is really has worked wonders for me and hopefully it will for u:)

Margaret Buckler

I used to have terrible acid reflux...have done a few things that have totally stopped it..I no longer use ice in my drinks...I drink 2 oz of aloe juice every day...I no longer use a straw when I drink puts too much air in my gut. I drink 1 to 2 ozs. of colloidal silver

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