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After reading through these posts, I found the best remedy was Lotrimin. It's a jock itch, anti-fungal cream and it worked wonders.

I always wash my lips with antibacterial soup (surprisingly, your everday dish soap works well) then use a Q-tip and apply the Lotrimin to the corners. Don't use the same tip on both corners. After you apply the Lotrimin, put a coat of Vaseline over that. After 48 hours, my mouth is about 90% healed. I do this about 2-3 times a day. Hope this helps!

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Lotrimin, recommended by my doctor, was the only thing that worked for me. It caused sores, which I treated with zinc oxide ointment. When the sores healed the angular cheilits was gone too and hasn't returned.


I have AC & tried Neosporin to heal the cut. Really didn't heal the cut that much. I finally decided to look AC up & found it was a fungus. Started using Lotrimin today even though it says, don't use near mouth. Tough, I'm giving it a try. Hope it works.

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