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Two days ago I woke up with over 175 bites from my shoulders to my thighs, and I've tried almost everything on here (toothpaste, nail polish remover, clear nail polish, salt baths, etc.) and none of it worked, but I have finally found a remedy: BLEACH. Not a bleach bath, that works for a few minutes, but didn't make the itching totally stop. Instead, douse a washcloth with plain beach, soak the washcloth in water, and then scrub the bites with the cloth. Wait a few minutes, wipe the bleach off with a different damp cloth (just water) and then immediately apply Cortizone 10. It's the only relief I've found after two days of misery. Also make sure to take benedryl!

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The bleach is just a waste of time and effort. The lotion is what stopped the itch.


Applying bleach to your skin is a poor idea. You can end up with a lot worst issue that some chigger bites.

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