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when you get hicupps, eat a spoonful of paenutbutter. Creamy seems to work better.

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One tablespoon full of peanut butter (creamy OR crunchy)really does work!! I've also found that if you are somewhere & don't have access to peanut butter, pretending to scrape peanut butter off the roof of your mouth with your tongue also works!! I PROMISE--my whole family takes peanut butter for hiccups!!!


This worked. Especially when the person said pretend to scrape peanut butter off the roof of your mouth, just tried it, worked like a charm. I've been suffering for over 45 mins with hiccups, and that got rid it in seconds!


this is the only way people in my family can get rid of huiccups we suffer from them horribly they hurt sooo bad sometiems

Bruce (Chandler, AZ)

My whole family has used a spoonful of peanut butter for hiccups for as long as I can remember. Works every time!


My family has used this for years as well. I have never known it to not work.


I used almond butter. It WORKED!


I have been taking peanut butter for hiccups since I was a child and it has worked EVERY time. Just a tablespoon does the trick and of course it tastes good too.

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