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Yes listerine!!! Leave it in for about 2 hours but you must saturate the head then wash it out in the shower. Then take Selsun blue and saturate head with that and leave it in for about a half hour once again rinse hair out in the shower. I bought lice combs with a magnifying glass and went threw each strand of hair. Wash all bed linens, hats buy new brushes ect . After spending hundreds of dollers and endless amount if time on her hair this is what worked and havnt had a problem since. I would also recommend in a week or so later even if theirs no live lice to repeat the listerine to ensure no new eggs hatch because one lice will put you back in the same problem . Also for extra precautions I changed our linens daily for about a week.

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My kids have both had the struggle of nits through school ESP my son now at high and his hair being on the long side. I use selson blue for my scalp and have never got nits from the kids and believe that's why. Also a lady I knew had 2 girls with lthick hair and riddled in nits, she even slept with one of the girls often and she never got them, she used selson blue when she washed her hair too.

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