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I am 24 years of woman of color. I have have stretch marks since around age 12 on my hips. After my son stretch marks are now on my arms, shoulders, and belly. The ones on my arms and shoulder are now 'white' guess they are old. The ones on my belly is purple. I started using bio-oil May 2013 and I have seen significant improvement on my belly can hardly notice them. I rude my belly arms and shoulder twice daily. Before I shower I exfoliate with a combination with a mixture I can up with: Virgin olive oil, sugar, honey, baking soda. Use a loofah to rude it in spend time on this.
My routine:
1. shower with lava soap (a soap to remove grease)
2. Use extreme brite exfoliating soap
3. All 100% cocobutter (the one that comes in a yellow stick. Can be found a walgreens cvs, walmart...)
4. Nadinola coco butter lotion
5. Bio-oil
Make sure you message these oils in for 5 mins or more. My stretch marks on my belly are fading nicely I think because they were still purple. It takes time and be consistent do you routine every day.

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