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BREAD is your new best friend! YEP,You heard me,BREAD! I discovered this 'Bread' trick back 11 years ago when i had my very first episode of Hell! Yes,the tooth ache was like living in hell and NO pain like it ever in my life,even after birthing 6 children and etc., the tooth pain by far is the worst ever! Id rather have a broken limb or spit another baby out any day! I was so desperate,out of Oragel after going thru a tube in 2 hours and got desperate! i just had this human instinct telling me that I needed something to not only remove and absorb all the sugars and etc out of my tooth,but also to pack it with something where that nerve was exposed. I tried bread,and it worked!!! I wasn't pain free,but it became tolerable! Depending how bad the tooth pain is,it has fully gotten rid of it at times and other times it made it tolerable. With 800-1600 MG of Motrin for me of course lol. My suggestions are Clove oil,after using strong mouthwash first (add lil warm water if its cold),then after clove oil,chew up some bread and let it sit there awhile. I do at times rinse with warm salt water if no more mouthwash. But always need a pain reliever and I am in recovery,SO Vicodin ISN'T for me,BUT Motrin WILL WORK just as good as Vicodin does considering when I did take Vicodin,I had to have Motrin with it anyways HA! Oragel just doesn't cut it and these are all SAFE,easy,cost effective simple solutions that are even OK for kids (not Vicodin tho). Kids will like Bread,salt water or mouth wash much better and it helps!

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I worked thank you very much


Thanks! This actually works!


thanks very much i have been in tears for two weeks and this is the only thing that actually works thank you very much


Very cool!!! Im gonna try to get my husband to try this. His tooth broke a very large chunk and its killing him.


I've been having pain off for weeks now; my dentist says I need a root canal. I have tried salt water, ice packs, the vanilla trick, mouth wash, and fresh garlic clove. BREAD was the only thing that worked! Thank you so much!


I used a teaspoon of salt, tsp garlic powder,crushed an Ibuprofen up, the kind from Walmart,and a tsp of water. I mixed it up into a sand like form, and used a qtip, and put it on the effected area,,my pain was gone instantly! I promise this works.. u should try it, im telling ya ,!!


My toothache is bottom front. I believe the nerve is exposed because it hurts so bad just to try and put orajel in between the 2 teeth. Like many I've read insurance and money is an issue. I have a couple broken teeth and the one with the cavaty next to the broken. This is the one that hurts so much to try and apply orajel. I've given birth and I've had a dry socket before. Applying orajel is like a dry socket pain. Will the bread help? Any ideas to help that's not going to cause more pain? Please help if you can.

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